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Jaw Crusher Size

Jaw Crusher Size

Cobblestone jaw crusher features

Cobblestone jaw crusher is also called cobblestone European version jaw crusher. It is mainly used for crushing and shaping cobblestone materials to produce high-grade mechanism sand. Cobblestone jaw crusher can be divided into European version according to the structure. Machine, high-efficiency stone jaw crusher and HJ-type cobblestone jaw crusher, only know the characteristics of each cobblestone jaw crusher, in order to make the right choice at the time of purchase, the following is about the cobblestone jaw crusher Introduction.

First, the European version of the cobblestone jaw crusher

The European version of the cobblestone jaw crusher completes the crushing of cobblestones by the principle of “stone stone”, which is small in size, small in floor space, simple in structure, convenient in operation, and cheap in equipment, low in energy consumption during production, and cost recovery. Fast, but its production is the lowest of the three cobblestone jaw crushers.

Second, efficient cobblestone jaw crusher

The high-efficiency cobblestone jaw crusher is used to “break stone pebbles” by “stone stone” or “stone stone”, “stone stone” type used for abrasive material processing; “stone iron” type Abrasive non-strong material processing, "stone iron" rdquo; type ratio "stone stone" type sand rate is 10-20% higher, its feeding mode has two forms of center feed and waterfall.

The high-efficiency cobblestone jaw crusher has stronger applicability and more advanced structure. There is a hydraulic opening device on the side of the crushing chamber of the equipment, which facilitates the inspection and replacement of parts such as wearing parts, greatly reducing the time for inspection and maintenance, and improving the time. Equipment usage.

Third, HJ type cobblestone jaw crusher

HJ type cobblestone jaw crusher realizes the crushing of cobblestone by the principle of “stone stone”. Its main features are fast production speed and large output. It is suitable for brittle materials with Mohs hardness less than 9 grade. It is not suitable for viscous materials. And stone with more soil.

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