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Primary Impact Crusher

Primary Impact Crusher

Repair knowledge of common parts of Primary Impact Crusher

1. Repair of Primary Impact Crusher and side liner of Primary Impact Crusher

The fascia is also called a tooth plate, and has a fixed raft plate mounted on the body and a movable sill plate mounted on the movable sill, and a side lining plate mounted on the body at both ends of the two sill plates. The seesaw directly breaks the material and withstands the reaction force of the material and the friction of the material. The seesaw is a wearable part of the Primary Impact Crusher. In order to improve its wear resistance and impact, it is generally made of high manganese steel. In order to improve the crushing force and reduce the particle size of the material, the surface of the raft is cast with a triangular tooth surface. When the lower part of the raft is flattened, it can be used up and down. The side liners are mostly cast steel and are chiseled abrasive wear parts. When the tooth height of the slab is grounded by 3/5, the thickness of the side lining is worn to 3/5, the new slab and the side lining should be replaced, and the replaced slab and lining can be surfacing. repair. When surfacing is used to repair the profile of the slab, the combined surfacing method can be used, that is, the structural electrode is used as the bottom layer, the alloy steel electrode is used as the transition layer in the middle, and the tooth surface layer is welded with wear-resistant alloy steel or high manganese steel electrode, so that The plate-toothed core not only has good toughness, but also has a high hardness and wear resistance.

2. Repair of Primary Impact Crusher frame

The frame of the Primary Impact Crusher, if it is a combined frame, is mostly a combination of profile welding or steel casting. Small crusher racks are mostly cast iron. After many years of operation, the rack will have local cracks or deformations, and the through holes of various connecting holes will be ground or worn.

3. Repair of the crack of the Primary Impact Crusher frame

Rack cracks occur mostly in stress-concentrated areas, or where the original frame has casting defects. Rack cracks can be repaired by soldering or by metal buckles.

4, Primary Impact Crusher screw hole and through hole wear repair

Due to the vibration of the Primary Impact Crusher during operation, fretting wear during long-term work, the screw is buckled, the screw hole is ground, and the through hole is worn, such as the anchor bolt hole, the bearing screw hole, the frame support hole of the spring pull rod, etc. . After the holes are worn, in addition to the welding repair, the bolt through holes can be added with a pad or an increased thread diameter replacement bolt.

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