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Clay Grinding Machine

Clay Grinding Machine frame welding process measures

Since the Clay Grinding Machine frame is welded, the weld is made by manual arc welding, and the welding rod used is a low hydrogen type E5016. Since the electrode E5016 is sensitive to water, scale, rust, oil stains, etc. on the surface of the weldment, it is required to carry out stricter cleaning of the surface of the weldment in order to prevent the pores. However, the actual execution of the welding process is not strict, so the porosity and crack tend to increase. In response to the above factors, it was decided to remove the cracked weld. The welding process of the Clay Grinding Machine frame is as follows:

First, keep the welding rod dry and weldment clean

The electrode is made of E5017 with good crack resistance. The electrode is dried in the drying box at 350-400 ° C for 2 hours. The dried electrode is placed in the holding tube and used as needed. It is known from SBM that the weld rust and impurities in the 50-100mm range of the weld bevel and the nearby welds should be strictly cleaned before welding, and the metal luster should be polished by hand grinding.

Second, preheating and post-weld dehydrogenation

Preheat the workpiece at 150 °C before welding. After welding, the workpiece was heated to 300-400 ° C for 1 h, and then the asbestos was slowly cooled to room temperature.

Third, a reasonable weld welding sequence

The weld welding sequence is adjusted, and the straight through welding is changed to symmetrical, segmented, stepped, and multi-layer narrow-channel welding. The welding sequence is adjusted to control the deformation and reduce the welding restraint stress. In addition to the cover layer and the bottom layer, each layer of the weld bead must be quenched by wind to eliminate stress.

Therefore, when using manual arc welding to weld the Clay Grinding Machine frame, in order to prevent problems during use, a reasonable welding process, pre-heating before welding, hydrogen elimination after welding, and reasonable welding sequence must be established before welding. It prevents the generation of pores and cracks.

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