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Clinker Grinding Mill bushing scraping skills

The Clinker Grinding Mill is the key equipment for grinding the material after it has been crushed. As the key equipment for mineral processing, its operation status directly affects the production and quality of mineral processing. The main bearing bush is an important part of the Clinker Grinding Mill. Once the main bearing is burnt, the tile surface needs to be scraped. At present, most of the material used in the Clinker Grinding Mill is a babbitt tile, which has good toughness, wear resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, when scraping the babbitt bearing bush, it is necessary to master some techniques for scraping. In order to improve the efficiency of scraping, this paper summarizes some techniques for the scraping of the bearing of the Clinker Grinding Mill.

First, reasonable determination of bearing area

The load bearing area refers to the contact area of ​​the journal of the Clinker Grinding Mill and the bearing shell. The radial load direction of the split type sliding bearing should be perpendicular to the split surface, and the bearing area should be within 30 degrees of the vertical plane of the split plane. Therefore, the main load bearing area of ​​the bearing bush should be set within the contact angle of 60 degrees of the lower part of the bearing bush.

Second, select the good contact angle of the bearing

The good contact angle of the bearing bush should be between 70 degrees and 80 degrees. The contact angle selected during the scraping of the tile will increase by a certain amount after the Clinker Grinding Mill is put into operation because the hollow shaft of the Clinker Grinding Mill is generated when it is heated. Radial thermal deformation. If the contact angle of the bearing bush increases, the oil film does not hold well, causing the bearing pad to wear sharply until it burns. Therefore, the initial contact angle of the bearing bush and the quality of the scraper should be determined.

Third, determine the wedge gap

The wedge gap refers to the gap (side gap) on both sides of the bearing area of ​​the bearing bush. The value of the backlash is an important parameter of the hydrodynamic sliding bearing. The value is determined by the rotational speed of the shaft, the viscosity of the lubricating oil and the bearing load. The Clinker Grinding Mill is operated under heavy load and low speed. The viscosity of the lubricating oil is generally large, and the backlash value of the bearing bush is generally from 0.2 to 0.3 mm. The oil film of the hydrodynamic bearing is formed by the oil wedge, so the smooth transition of the backlash and the bearing area is maintained when the bottom of the bearing pad is repaired.

Fourth, the display area of ​​the display point

The point of view is the post-process of the scraping process, which is rough scraping before the scratch point. In the oblique mesh, a point-by-point method is adopted, and the dots are evenly distributed in each of the textures, and the dots are clear, uniform, and have a clear hand. After the scraped bearing bush is installed, the continuous heavy-duty truck will drive for 2~3 hours, so that the display point of the tile surface is fully contacted, and a preliminary hardened layer is formed at the same time, which can greatly reduce the heating phenomenon of the repaired bearing bush after being put into operation.

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